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1980 – 1989 GIBRALTAR PRINTER’S PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS & PROOFS – super collection of (mostly) black & white proofs on photographic paper, covers 28 different issues, most accompanied by the issued stamps and miniature sheets, a number have differences to issued stamps such as 1981 Int. Year for Disabled strip of 5 with “9p” inscribed value instead of issued 14p, plus single with “1981” date imprint (stamp issued without), 1981 Convent – three with different values to those issued, 1982 Anniversaries without imprints, 1983 Europa without values, 1984 Europa large colour photo proof of 17p design, but inscribed “20p” and in different colours, 1985 Europa with values inscribed “00p” and more. Most are written up for display, clean, fine & unusual (over 70 photo proofs + various stamps / miniature sheets). Unmounted Mint.

Attached pictures are only a sample of this lot.